Online Live Instructor: DevOps Associate

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  • Comprehensive DevOps training covering all major topics
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Access to Video Course on same syllabus
  • Access to Study Material on Learning Management System
  • Eligibility to attempt DevOps.ORG.IN Certified DevOps Associate Certification Exam


  • By purchasing this course you will get enrolled into a training with a live instructor and access to our learning management system (a collection of documentations and training videos).
  • Trainer is an industry expert with more than 10 years of experience in working on cloud and devops technologies.
  • The trainer will join on Zoom meeting at scheduled times of the day to take your sessions.
  • The course includes an industry grade project for automation of an enterprise content management system through devops tools.
  • Class Timings: Saturday 12 Noon to 2 PM, Sunday 12 Noon to 2 PM
  • Total Duration of the Course: 40 Hours
  • Upon passing the final exam, you will be awarded the title of
    • “DevOps.ORG.IN Certified DevOps Associate”



    • Lesson – Introduction to DevOps 
    • Lesson – Origin Story 
    • Lesson – Current Market Situation  icon-play
    • Lesson – What’s in it for a Developer?  icon-play
    • Lesson – What’s in it for Operations People?  icon-play
    • Lesson – Understanding Containerization  icon-play
    • Lesson – Implementing Containerization with Docker  icon-play
    • Lesson – Implementing Port Forward Networking in Docker  icon-play
    • Lesson – Implementing Docker Data Container storage system  icon-play
    • Lesson – Creating own custom docker image  icon-play
    • Lesson – Building own custom docker image from Dockerfile  icon-play
    • Lesson – Understanding Container Orchestration  icon-play
    • Lesson – Implementing Kubernetes Cluster comprising 3 nodes and 1 master  icon-play
    • Lesson – Orchestrating Containers on Kubernetes  icon-play
    • Lesson – Kubernetes Coding for Launching Pods, Replica Sets and Deployments  icon-play
    • Lesson – Understanding Application Release  icon-play
    • Lesson – Understanding Application Release Automation  icon-play
    • Lesson – Understanding Source Code Management  icon-play
    • Lesson – Using Github  icon-play
    • Lesson – Performing Git CLI operations  icon-play
    • Lesson – Understanding CI/CD 
    • Lesson – Implementing Jenkins CI/CD Platform  icon-play
    • Lesson – Build Automation using Jenkins and Git  icon-play
    • Lesson – Testing Source Code Quality with Sonarqube  icon-play
    • Lesson – Storing of Build Artifacts using Nexus  icon-play
    • Lesson – Deployment of Application using Container Deployer  icon-play
    • Lesson – Testing Application using Selenium  icon-play
    • Lesson – Overview of Configuration Automation  icon-play
    • Lesson – Understanding Infrastructure as a Code  icon-play
    • Lesson – Automating Tasks using Chef Recipes  icon-play
    • Lesson – Using and Writing Chef Cookbooks  icon-play
    • Lesson – Understanding Difference between Agent Based and Agent Less Automation  icon-play
    • Lesson – Automating Tasks using Ansible Playbooks  icon-play
    • Lesson – Using and Writing Ansible Roles  icon-play
    • Lesson – Understanding the concepts of Cloud Computing with AWS  icon-play
    • Lesson – Launching and Managing VMs on AWS  icon-play
    • Lesson – Project – WordPress Automation using Chef  icon-play
    • Lesson – Interview Preparation Guidance  icon-play
    • Lesson – Resume Preparation Guidance  icon-play


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