Video Course: DevOps Fundamentals

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  • Training of 10 Hours
  • Live Session on Webinar: Hands on Training by TrainerĀ 
  • Mock Interview with Industry Expert
  • Professional Resume Preparation Service
  • Class will be scheduled on Next Weekend
  • Timing and Class link will be shared after payment


This course is a combination of videos and webinar with live trainer with additional sessions of resume preparation and mock interviews with our subject matter expert

Learn DevOps in depth from the videos

Gain practical hands on understanding of the subject

Get your doubts clarified with the trainer during sessions

Prepare for cracking interviews with the pro tips from Mock Interview session with our expert

Get a beautiful resume created, that attracts eyes of the potential recruiters


  • Video Lesson – Introduction to DevOps
  • Video Lesson – Origin Story
  • Video Lesson – Current Market Situation
  • Video Lesson – What’s in it for a Developer?
  • Video Lesson – What’s in it for Operations People?
  • Video Lesson – Understanding various devops technologies
  • Video Lesson – Infrastructure Provisioning Automation Concept
  • Containerization with Docker
    • Hands On Lesson with Trainer on Live Webinar
      • Docker Architecture
      • Docker Installation
      • Docker Registry
      • Running Docker Containers
      • Docker Lifecycle Management
      • Customizing Docker
      • Writing Docker Codes in Dockerfile
  • Video Lesson – Infrastructure Coding Concepts
  • Infra as Code with Puppet
    • Hands On Lesson with Trainer on Live Webinar
      • Puppet Architecture
      • Puppet Installation
      • Puppet Forge
      • Running Puppet Modules
      • Puppet’s Idempotency
      • Writing own Puppet Manifests
      • Using Puppet DSL Coding Language
      • Running Manifests
      • Writing own Puppet Modules
  • Video Lesson – Understanding Application Release Automation
  • Video Lesson – Understanding concepts of CI/CD
  • CICD with Git, Github and Travis CI
    • Hands On Lesson with Trainer on Live Webinar
      • Git Architecture
      • Git Installation
      • Using GitHub
      • Cloning Repositories
      • Branching/Merging
      • Pushing Changes to GitHub
      • Travis CI integration with GitHub
      • Continuous Integration with Travis CI
      • Continuous Delivery with Travis CI
  • Mock Interview Session with Industry Expert
  • Advice & help on preparing resume by our Industry Expert

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